2008-2009 Kihikihi King Country Teams

We were expecting some tough racing for this event so there was plenty of time spent in the shed during the week to make sure the car was in good shape mechanically so as to not let the team down. We were fielding a couple a new drivers for this event in 94r Shaun Stewart and Damian Orr in Shannon's car but we were confident we could keep a hand on the trophy for another year.

We drew Kihikihi in the first round and were up on what you would call an ice skating rink, driving down the straight in the warm up laps sideways was to say the least a little too wet but no we were racing on it. In this race I was on row 2 and we were running for the flag with Richard and although I was sitting in 3rd for 2 laps I knew our blockers in Nick Vallance and Shaun Stewart had them covered so just waited and it wasn't long before they were stopped in their tracks and it was plain sailing from there with a clean sweep and we were into the finals.

The final was up against Auckland and with their first race against Huntly they were racing well and we knew we were going to have to race well to beat them. It all started off well and we were again in 1st and 2nd after a few laps and cruising through the laps with our blockers doing a great job in keeping the Auckland boys out of the way until I came up behind an Auckland block car and drilled his outside rear bumper going into turn one sending him infield and the next thing I know I’m going sideways up the wall and it’s all over from there.

On reflection the lack of a prominent pole line made the move on me a little dodgy at best but the boys carried on with two laps to go and we were again the King Country Teams champions.