2007-2008 House of Travel @ Rotorua

A week after the action at the North Island Champs, we were back at home racing in Rotorua for a round of the House of Travel series.

The car was hooking up well so much in the second heat that I caught the local hard man Nick Vallance and bunted him enough to pass up the inside on turn two. Here I am thinking yeah that was well done when bang...hang on!!! Here comes the wall...I just found the soon to be named “Nick Vallance Corner”.

Well that was the end of our night but that’s racing as they say. I was just happy that the full containment seat that I purchased during the off season did its job. Luckily we had two weeks to fix the car which needed the following:
Engine remounting
Engine block welded
Diff repairs
New driveshaft
Gearbox end plate welded up

But thanks to my crew and sponsor Rotorua Forklift Hire for the use of their workshop for two weeks we were back on track.