Summit Aluminium UK Stockcars @ Paradise Valley Raceway

To say the least this meeting was carnage!! The only thing that did happen on the first night due to the rain was that all cars we ranked into groups, white first, yellow, blue, and red being last. For Some reason we were put in the white group and would be in the front group for the entire two night meeting. . .


Incar footage of all 6 races has been uploaded to our YouTube channel:



The first night was an ok sort of night with us just trying to secure a good points haul but with the tank over from Huntly and a few other visitors in the mix it was a great night of avoiding spinning cars or cars that were running the pole looking for victims.

We were on the list of a few drivers and managed to avoid most but some hits were taken and remembered. By nights ends we were third overall 18 points off the leader Michael Rumney 72r.



After a few hours in the shed straightening shocks, welding and checking the setup we were ready to have a real go at chasing a bit of silver ware. First race and we started grid 3 and pushed our way through to first after a lap or two and didn’t look back.

With a clean win from start to finish we were stoked to get a win for our sponsors and for the team and to pull a few points back on the leading drivers. Race 2 and after the previous race I knew it wasn’t going to be that easy and it wasn’t.

From the 1st lap we were getting blocked by two pretty accomplished blockers in Nick Vallance 45g and Ivan king 48r and when I made it past them I had 94r Shaun Stewart on me, mid race and it all came to an end as we had 3 cars going down the back straight 15r ended up riding up the side of my car and parking on the bonnet on the infield.

With a lack of traction we couldn’t get free and ended our race there and our hopes of a podium spot. Back in the pits we replaced the broken shock and panel beated the bonnet to at least get some air in there, nothing could be done about the squashed air cleaner and we were ready for more.

The last race was much of the same right from the drop of the green and to add to the fun we found we had no brakes after two laps so was a case of pull off or hang on for the ride, hang on was the plan of attack. Half the field seemed to be in block mode and although it was nothing to serious having no brakes made things just that bit harder.

We came home in eleventh place and had a load of fun out there so was just a case of wait and see where we ended up. Fifth overall four points off third place was about as close as we have gotten to a podium spot so was happy with the end result considering we only finished five races.

Next meeting will be at the World 240''s in Rotorua 14/15 jan where we will be contesting the BOP Champs and hoping for a good result up the pointy end of the field again and if not we definitely will be in payback mode after the last meeting. . .

See you trackside


Placing Driver Points
1 34r Aaron King 141
2 72r Michael Rumney 139
3 98r Mark Costello 126
4 24r Shane Newlands 124
5 84r Greg Viles 122


Race Placing Fastest Lap
1 9 7 18.9431
2 13 9 19.1259
3 4 10 19.8829
4 1 12 19.4361
5 DNF  
6 11