World of Stocks @ Paradise Valley Raceway

With the last round of the Rotorua House of Travel series rained out it was almost 2 months between race meetings for the team leading up to the Central Auto Dismantlers World of Stocks.

Central Auto Dismantlers World of Stocks

We were placed in the blue group for qualifying with the top four going through to the finals from the 21 starters. First race we started on grid 20 and made it through the first corner ok but all that went out the window as we got turned around in turn three on a slightly wet track but we came back through the field to finish 14th. Race two starting 10th we made a good start and picked up a few places and kept out of trouble for a change coming home in 6th so after two heats we were in 9th place and knowing that we needed a win to really give us any chance of qualifying.

Starting grid 3 in the last race we made it through to the lead for a few laps until Dale Stewart’s rocket caught up and past us with a few laps to go and Michael Rumney doing the big lunge to pass on the final corner. Finishing 3rd made us 7th equal in blue group and meant we would have to qualify through from the repechage on Sunday afternoon.

Starting the repechage on grid 8, we made some progress up the field but over cooked it going into turn three late in the race on a slick track and that was the end of that.

Porter Hire Stocks in Paradise

With a setup change after the repechage for the slick track conditions we had a grid 24 start and made up 12 spots by race end avoiding any carnage and we were happy with the set up changes. With a grid 11 start for the 2nd heat we made quick progress to 3rd position on the 2nd lap until 52v Francis Potaka came up the inside entering turn three and took us to the wall and that was it. She was all on!! We reeled off a few laps but were getting held up so we started putting in some decent shots and having a whole lot of fun finishing 12th and seventh overall well out of the points.

Heat three we started grid 5 and we were out there to help 98r Mark Costello take the title and the qualifying spot into next year’s finals. From the start we were chasing down 89v Blair Lockett but he was always just out of reach. Coming out of turn two, I found 242a Bernie Fox holding 98r Costello in the wall so deciding a decent hit from behind may help him out, that’s what we did and a decent hit it was to free up Costello to carry on.

Continuing on with the hunt for the 89v car of Lockett, 52v came up from behind again and spun us out and with a quick change to reverse gear we spun both 52v and 89v. With the laps now running down, 95a Lonergan had been rolled out of contention and with two laps to go we again caught up with the 52v car and although pushing him around we were watching the mirrors for the 89v car and exiting turn 4 he popped up beside us out near the wall and with a quick right turn we gave out a decent hit and although not holding him up the wall as planned it did cost him a place or two and enough for the 98r car of Mark Costello to take the title only just!!!

So after 30 minutes of action on the track the team spent around 10 hours off the track making repairs to have the car ready for the Emergency Services Charity Races that are running on Friday 8th April. Hopefully they raise a bit of money to what is a good cause to help those down in Christchurch. 

The next meeting is the final outing at Paradise Valley for the season, the annual Hickey Contractors Easter Extravaganza.


See you there