Club Night @ Paradise Valley Raceway

Well after a few hours in the shed during the week fixing the whole front axle, stub, and rotors, we made it to the club night at Paradise Valley but our luck was again not with us as we only managed to do the first race. Another good sized field of cars (NULL) turned up for what was just a club night and for us it was time to try a few things out to see if we could improve our setup. All went well for the first few laps until coming out of turn four we were pushed wide and then became a passenger as we hit the wall with two cars pushing up the inside.... end result was another bent front axle and broken rotor as well as bent front bumper and bumper braces so that was us for the night. Next meeting will be on the 28th November here in Rotorua for the House of travel series.


See you there



Race 1 Incar

Opening Night @ Paradise Valley Raceway

Well it’s been a while since our last update. The off season was a busy one with a wedding in the middle and a late start to the off-season repairs due to work commitments. We would like to welcome all our loyal sponsors and crew back on board again this season and if you are in need of various repairs please support them as they support us: Pirtek Rotorua, Warehouse Auto Parts Rotorua, Reconz Auto Machinists, O’Connor Race Engines, J.V.''s Carshop, Performance Machinery, The Rock FM, and a new one for this year, Gaddum Construction Rotorua.

The off-season rebuild consisted of a refresh of the engine by Terry O’Connor and the team at Reconz and even though it is still only a 231cu engine but we couldn’t be happier with the performance. We did a bit of steel work with a couple of new side rails and out riggers replaced. With a fresh coat of paint she was as good as new. We made it to green sheeting on the 30th November and were hoping to make our first ever appearance at a practice meeting but with the track surface being rain effected we had to do the usual turn up and see how it goes on opening night.

With a 35 car strong field of locals turning up for opening night it looks like it’s going to be busy out there on the race track most nights this season for the stockcars. With everyone racing three out of four races to keep the fields fewer than 28, we raced in the first, third, and fourth race.

Race 1
Fastest Lap: 18.51
Starting position 2 on a wet track we managed a few good laps avoiding spinning cars before getting stuck behind a spun up car but made a few spots back up coming home in 6th spot.

Race 3
Fastest Lap: 18.487
Starting position 25, we had a really good clean race and we are really happy with the set up (NULLich we are not exactly certain where that is at the moment). We made up fifteen spots to place 10th and took a good haul of points for the season long points championship. Tonight being a double points night to start the season.

Race 4
Fastest Lap: 18.251
Starting position 13, we jumped to forth spot in the first lap and with a few cars all jostling for position we ended up popping 64r young Mark Willis up the wall and although it was unintentional it did a little bit of damage but we continued on in fourth spot trying to catch the leaders. Last lap last corner and with a car side on to the traffic it was a small gap we tryed to squeeze through with another young racer in 48r Kellum King and that didn''t work to well as we ended up firing into the wall just short of the line and loosing 6 spots trying to make the finish line.

It was a good night of racing and we sit in 6th spot on 145 points just 21 points off the current leader 39r Douglas Stanaway . So with a few repairs to do this week including a front axle, stub axle, brake rotor, body mounts and a wing panel we should be ready for the club night on Friday, 11th November.

Roll on the race season...






Club Meeting @ Kihikihi Speedway

Saturday morning and so began the second attempt to journey over to Kihikihi Speedway after the truck failed just out of town last month on the way to the Rosetown Classic. We got a bit further this time when the truck decided to give out 20 minutes from the track. However, thanks to Holden power the truck got towed the rest of the way by the Lozells. The Munros came out from the track and picked up the car. Thanks to these guys efforts Pirtek Racing Team arrived at the track in time for racing!

The first three races went reasonably well with a 5th, 7th, and 2nd respectively in the 18 car strong field. Race 4 and Greg was into combat mode straight away with a walling of 717h on turn 2 exit lap 1 that didn’t quite end in a roll. As the race progressed the highest R car was 86r in 3rd. Greg dispatched 7h from 1st with a spin straight off the green light after a red light and followed this up with the new leader 18k being spun sideways and into the wall two laps later. 86r took the lead with a couple of laps to go and shortly later, the chequered flag.

The truck had more issues on the way back to Rotorua and this was topped off with losing a toolbox after leaving it on the side of the road for 15 minutes. Please contact Greg on 027 537 8060 if you picked up the toolbox.


We ran a video camera for race 2, 3, and 4. Thanks to the mud, race 3 hasn't been uploaded but you can check out race 2 and 4 below:




Lil Jim