2007-2008 World of Stocks @ Rotorua

This was the last meeting of the Rotorua season. There were 28 guys vying for the 2 spots available in the finals so it was always going to be tough going. The first race went well with a 6th placing but in the following two races, I got turned around so was out of the running for a qualifying spot.

Figuring it was the last meet of the year I decided I would have a go at blocking the out of town cars. Unfortunately, Mike McLachlan got me first and I was up and over. What a ride and another thing crossed off the list – thanks Mike hahaha.

Onto the second night and we had three races of absolute carnage. I took a fair few hits and put in a couple of my own during the night missing only one as he turned to the grass to avoid me and returned after I had gone past...

2007-2008 Season Review

Well the team at Shady racing had a great first year, having a few wins and qualifying for the North Islands in Kihikihi being one of the many highlights of the season.

We purchased the ex Westbury superstock the previous season and began transforming it to stockcar specs in September 07.  I wanted to do everything right and by not doing it the cheapest and easiest way as that can end up costing us more in the long run. It turned out to take a little longer than I had planned but we learnt a lot along the way and managed to get it there for opening night. . .  but only just!

I would like to thank JV for sorting the engine for us and Tony at Hose Direct for all the hosing throughout the car, awesome job guys! Steiny at Central Auto dismantlers was a wealth of info as well as parts and a huge thanks to Pete from Rotorua Forklift Hire for the use of his workshop for 3 months.

We started the season off with some niggling new car problems that we eventually got sorted after a couple of meetings and started having some good consistent races. We ventured over to Waihi a couple of weeks after the final meeting at Rotorua, the World of Stocks, with 6 other Rotorua cars for a club day in which the crew and ladies got to race the car as a kind of thanks for their awesome help through the season.

It was a full on day of 8 races and 90 odd laps of fun to cap off the season. Can’t say thank you enough for the time my crew has spent helping me this year and without their support Shelz, Baldrick, Alan , Lil Jim, Reegan and many others and those of my sponsors Tony at Hose Direct, John at JV''S Car Shop, Steiny at Central Auto Dismantlers, Pete at Rotorua Forklift Hire and Paul at The Rock Fm I couldn’t have done it. Thanks guys and gals.

2008-2009 Opening Night @ Rotorua

Sorry for the lack of updates during the off season but time was fast running out with the modifications we had to finish on the car.

I would just like to thank a few people who helped us out in the off season. Big thanks to Lyall Rumney who gave us a hand to modify the diff and a few other bits in the off season. Your help was greatly appreciated. Stan and Sonja for letting me take over some of their workshop and for all the work they do for the Rotorua stockcar club! Awesome people these two. I can’t forget my crew of merry little helpers for doing their bit and my girlfriend for putting up with not seeing me much the last month.

Shady Racing would like to thank our sponsors who have come on board this season, we have Tony and the team from Hose Direct back again this year, Phil from Signedge for the awesome sign writing, Ronnie and the team from Warehouse Autoparts, The Rock FM team, Steiny from Central Auto Dismantlers and John (NULLd) from JV''s Carshop. Thanks for the great help and support from all these businesses!!

Well we got the diff modified and shortened, got the new pedals done and got the engine work sorted thanks to Terry O’Conner. Was a lot of other little things to do but we got them all done just in the nick of time for opening night.

We started off the back for the night as we were a little bit late arriving, so with a good field of cars (NULLose to 30 I think) we were going to be pushing it to get into the points. We ended up 18th in the race and had to do it with no brakes for over half of it, so we were reasonably happy with the outcome.

We didn’t quite get the brakes fixed in time for the second race but were ready for the third but unfortunately the rain came down and once the fireworks had been done the meeting was called off. So we have a couple of things to sort before the next meeting which is the club night on the 14th of November. Well that is about all for now. . .

Shady Racing.