House of Travel/Trophy Night

Well we finally made it to Rotorua's Paradise Valley Raceway for the House of Travel series final.

We were really looking forward to getting some track time. Starting p8 we got a good start but the car was sitting down in the right rear suspension in the corners. This was a bit strange but it was making the car run tight down on the pole line which was good. Late in the race after numerous stoppages the car was running a little warmer than normal and with a lap to go the engine temp went through the roof so that was us for the night. We will have to pull the engine out and survey the damage and see where we go from here....

So that maybe us for what has been a rather short season but we will keep you posted


Incar video


North Island Champs Finals

The second night of the John Newton Panel & Paint North Island Stockcar Champs at Rotorua's Paradise Valley Raceway went ok but not as good as we hoped.

Starting p26 in the repechage we made good progress up the field finishing p12 but no where near p1 or p2 where we needed to be to qualify for tier 1.

Heat one tier 2 went out the window with 141k mad matt on the brakes holding us up from the start and then the brake pedal going to the floor mid race so we came home mid pack.

Heat two was going well until we got spun mid race finishing mid pack again.

Heat 3 we figured we would have some fun and help the local boys out but that went out the window on corner 2 when we went up the wall and broke the front axle mount. Well done to the podium winners 651a 66r and 47m.

We had a blast being back out there on track after a couple of seasons away and its surprising how the old car went considering the lil holden is all but standard and the driver needs a few more laps to get back up to speed/fitness.

We would like to thank my crew and our sponsors as we cant do it without them: Gaddum construction, Warehouse Autoparts, Spincar incar cameras, Electric Designs, coopers fibreglass, O'Connor race engines and Reconz. Lastly to my wife Tracey and kids for helping with the car and putting up me doing the all nighters in the shed leading up to xmas to get the car ready in time.

Have a Happy new year race fans... see you next year

Shady racing.

Footage from finals night



North Island Champs Qualifying

Well after a mammoth effort in the workshop well into the small hours we got the car ready for the 2014 John Newton Panel & Paint North Island Stockcar Championships Qualifying at Rotorua's Paradise Valley Raceway. Things were going well in the first heat starting 18th and getting up to 4th spot. With the white flag coming out our front right tyre went flat so we limped home in p14.

Heat two starting p8 we had a good clear race, staying out of trouble, and coming home in 7th as well as doing a lap time of 18.06. Now for our lil engine we were pretty happy with that!!

Heat 3 starting p7 we popped out of the first corner in p4 but things came unstuck when the fuel pump wire came off and the steering arm broke which resulted in a dnf.

After a two and a half year break we were pretty happy with how the car went for its first time out. Big thanks to Grant Savage at Rotorua Steel Structures, 27 View Road, Rotorua for doing our new roll cage so close to xmas. Much appreciated guys. Big thanks to my family and crew especially Anthony for putting in the big hours to get us on track. Can't do it without them.

Time for a catch up on sleep...see you all track side for another night of action at Paradise Valley.