Latest two meetings

Apologies for the lack of updates from the last couple of meetings but things have been a tad busy of late...

At the second night of the World 240''s meeting we had a good first race, picking up a heap of placings and hoping for good result in the second race to get us in to the top ten shootout. All was looking good in race 2 after 3 laps when we went from 5th to 2nd and kept pace early on with Dale Stewart (that’s not easy for our lil Holden) then there was a stoppage and it all went wrong.

Upon the restart we went to go between a spun car facing the wrong way and two other cars and the gap closed, causing us to hit one of the cars head on. This brought us to a stop as well bending both rear shocks so we were going nowhere. Thumbs down and hanging on we got hit full noise from behind as 52r Mike Herbert had nowhere to go so with two huge impacts the car was in need of a little TLC and that was our night over. On a good note I came away unscathed from what was probably the biggest two hits in my racing career and I put that down to the Kirkey full containment seat. When it comes to safety you can’t just use any old seat anymore...

After the last meeting we were fortunate that we had a few weeks break as we spent 16 hours repairing steel work in the shed to get the race car back into tip top shop and then a few more putting 2 new shocks in the rear of the car. We also had to replace the spigot bearing (worn out $10 part) so out came the clutch, gearbox and drive shaft. So after all that and a quick check of the setup we were ready to do it all again.

It was just a normal racing night for the stockcars so with no title on offer we were trying a few setup changes over the night to just trial a few ideas. Race one we picked up a few places early on getting up to 3rd by the end of lap two in a car handling really well in the wet but not quite so good towards the end of the race finishing 7th.

Race two went in much the same way picking up spots early and avoiding any major pile ups (compared to the previous meeting) to finish 12th. Race three started well but ended on the first lap with the fuel pump giving up so we managed to get to the infield and ended up watching the rest of the race from there. It was a good nights racing where we learned a little more with our setups and hope to put them into practice for the next meeting. Big thanks to Dave Anderson for all his help and the use of his gear.


It was a shock to hear the news on Saturday night of the passing of a great mate and fellow stockcar racer Ray Channing. He’s a legend of a man both on and off the track with his hot rod of a race car and we wouldn't be racing now if it wasn't for him helping us out with our new engine package last season. He always had time for a chat and was always keen to help out where ever he could for the Rotorua club and fellow race car owners. This man now leaves a huge void for the speedway family and will be sorely missed but never forgotten...


Rest in peace my mate Ray

New Zealand Stockcar Champs @ Paradise Valley Raceway

Hey there race fans, well the big one is over and done with for another year and was just one of those meetings that you go “well that’s racing". The NZ stockcar champs was, from a drivers perspective, just an awesome event run like a well-oiled machine that flowed and had plenty of action to keep the punters happy. For us as a race team on home soil we seemed to be playing catch up with our setup from the shakedown night as the track was different to that we expect on normal race nights.


26th Dec - Shakedown meeting

With a few minor adjustments done on the car leading up to the event we thought we would just do one or two runs to make sure everything was sweet ready for the next two nights of racing. Lucky we did as from the outset we had a major "push" on and our setup was surprisingly way off in the first run so with a few changes we went out for another run. Slightly better in the setup but after 3 laps the left front wheel bearing and lock nut came off and we just made it back to the pits with the car carrying a bit of damage. With the repairs completed just two minutes to late we didn’t get a chance to try again to make sure we had the setup sorted for the next nights qualifying.


27th Dec - NZ Champs qualifying

The day dawned with some dodgy looking clouds as we ventured down to scrutineering and just in case there were any problems we made it there early and forth in the cue. We made it through all the relative checks but the weight was a little close to the maximum coming in at 1496kg (max allowed 1500kg). For qualifying we were in the pink group and had 23 other contenders challenging us for the four qualifying spots available.

Race one starting p14 on the grid we made good progress from the start picking our way through the field to be 4th position considering our car still wasn't cornering well in turn one and two. On the white flag lap that all changed as 258p Neville Harrod spun us around and clouting the wall coming out of turn two in a decent hit that also sent us spinning to the infield. Finally making it back on track we came home in 15th spot not only loosing 11 spots but also losing one of our in-car cameras out the window.

Race two starting p2 we knew we needed a win to get back in with a chance of qualifying and with a reasonable start on the outside line we made it through turn one and two but now down to forth spot we stayed there slowly picking up spots with good consistent laps and avoiding the carnage we made it back to 2nd with four laps to go until going through the ruts on turn three the right rear wheel studs broke and we were down to three wheels. Still going surprisingly well we got through another lap holding our position and coming up to get the white flag we got caught up on 63r Jeremy Fleming as he was heading for the infield and that’s where we finished with a DNF.

Race three starting p21 and with a goal of getting at least one Rotorua car through we endeavoured to slow or stop 17p Shane Simpson from the start and with him being on p19 right in front of us we got straight into it slowing and spinning him right in the start. The plan was working well for a couple of laps but he got away and that is one quick car once he was away and each time we thought we had a chance to put in a decent shot there was someone else in the way or another Palmy car to hold up. Unfortunately the plan didn''t work and we didn't get a car through to the finals but hey we had a blast trying.


28th Dec - NZ Champs Finals

We had a few repairs to do during the day with bent shocks and a fair amount of welding to do but nothing to serious. We managed to scrape into the third tier champs so we were happy to be racing for something after our run of bad luck the night before it could only get better surely??

Race 1 and starting p25 in the 28 car field we set off on a very wet track for the first race and picked up at least 10 positions in the first corner with a big tangle up. Using my local knowledge that when its wet on the inside line normally the outside line next to the wall is dry, fired into turn three as we do normally where we then found the wall very heavily as there was no dry line....ouch (won't do that again). Now up in the top 10 we constantly picked up positions each lap and with a calculated move up the inside of 52v Francis Potaka when he went wide (learning from previous experiences) and then 48r Ivan King we made it up to 2nd on the last lap (later up graded to first position)

Race 2 we were on p11 and with another good start on a much drier track we made some progress up the field until a decent hit going into turn three and the car just died with what we think is a dead battery so it was all over for the day. That’s the highs and lows of stockcar racing but we came away happy with a win and got to watch what was a great Finals meeting, Congrats to 1nz Peter Rees , 2nz Bernie Fox and 3nz Regan O’Brien on their placing which is no easy feat from a starting list of 160 plus competitors.


Next meeting will be on the 13 & 14 Jan 2012 in Rotorua.


Cheers Greg




House of Travel Series Round 2 @ Paradise Valley Raceway

Another night with big fields of stockcars (NULL) for the second night of a three night series of the House of travel series and it wasn''t without drama for us before the meeting even started. We went to unload the car at the track for scrutineering and the battery lead had come loose so we jimmied it up to get the car through the check and went about sorting it properly for racing, as it turned out it isn''t in the easiest place to work on and with less than a minute to spare before our first race we made it to the grid.... phew.


Race 1

Starting p16 in the first race we made a good start but dropped a few positions early in the wet conditions getting pushed out wide or having to go wide to pass spun up cars. We eventually started picking up some positions and came home in 11th just outside of the top ten so no points!!


Race 2

Starting p3 in our second race of the night and we were after a good clean race to secure some points after missing out in the previous race. We were a bit slow off the line as the inside seems to get more water than the outside line and dropped a spot but we stayed right on the back of the second place until the last few laps where we had to pass cars on the outside loosing time and another spot to the 15r car of Paul Mabey and the man leading the series 95r Dale Stewart. Finishing 5th was ok but not quite as good a result that we were hoping for but the 6 points was better than nothing.


Race 3

Starting p22 in our last race of the night we needed another good result to get some points. It wasn''t a good start as we took off and someone had stopped right on the start and we crashed straight into them then received a good rear end hit as we were changing gear so by the time we found a gear and got under way again we were now in last (NULL) and a lot of work to do. We seemed to be missing all the carnage that started in this race and really picking up some positions with some good consistent laps. We came home in 5th spot from 25th and we were rapt, we don''t have the big expensive engine package but it shows with a bit of luck and some consistency we can be there or thereabouts..... Hopefully that continues on to the NZ champs here in Rotorua on the 27/28th December.


Next meeting is a club night here in Rotorua on the 16th Dec then it’s the big one.


Cheers Greg